Who we are?

— Welcome to India’s leading consumer rights organisation


cro is an online consumer complaint platform in India that helps consumers resolve their complaints against companies quickly and effectively. The platform allows consumers to file complaints against companies and provides a hassle-free resolution process that includes escalation of the complaint to higher authorities, legal notice drafting, and even filing a consumer court case if required

cro 's platform is designed to empower consumers by providing them with a voice and a means to seek justice for their grievances. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use, with a simple interface that allows consumers to file complaints quickly and easily. Once a complaint is filed, the platform's team of experts works with the consumer and the company to resolve the issue in a timely and efficient manner.

cro has helped thousands of consumers resolve their complaints against companies across various industries, including telecom, e-commerce, banking, insurance, and more. The platform is committed to ensuring that consumers' rights are protected and that they receive the justice they deserve.

OUR VISION: A new India in which every consumer keeps thorough knowledge of his rights and their correct uses.

OUR MISSION: To organize, educate and make consumers aware of their rights, make best effort to stop unfair trade practices and solve consumer's problem/complains

Problems we are solving

  • Artboard-65Consumer complaints not resolved
  • Artboard-65Lengthy and complex process
  • Artboard-65Inefficient and time consuming
  • Artboard-65Limited access to resources

Our Goal

  • Artboard-65Empowering consumer to voice concerns
  • Artboard-65Facilitating prompt and efficient resolution
  • Artboard-65Promoting corporate reasonability
  • Artboard-65Advocating for consumer rights

Our Solution

  • Artboard-65Online grievance redressal platform
  • Artboard-65User Friendly Interface
  • Artboard-65Streamlined complaint filing process
  • Artboard-65Quick and efficient resolution
  • Artboard-65Access to element resources

Key Features

  • Artboard-65Easy registration and login
  • Artboard-65Self service and user friendly portal
  • Artboard-65Secure complaint filing system
  • Artboard-65Automated complaint tracking
  • Artboard-65Resource center with FAQs