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Switching your wireless carrier may seem tempting, but you should think twice before you do it. One reason is that the grass isn’t always greener from one carrier to the next. Another reason is that you can most likely find a resolution for any problem that you may have. The following are some of the most common problems that consumers have with their wireless carriers and some alternative solutions that they use to resolve those issues. You may be able to use one or several of these tactics with your carrier:

Bad Reception or Data Quality

Call quality is the most important feature of having cell phone service. Data quality is important too because some customers use their mobile phones to connect their computers to the Internet and complete work tasks. If you are having a problem with reception, you can try a number of solutions before you throw in the towel. The first step is calling customer service and finding out if you live in an area that is a work-in-progress. The company may be working on the towers where you live, and that may be causing the problem. You may also want to speak with the phone techs who can lead you through an examination process to ensure that you don’t just have a malfunctioning phone. The solution for a malfunctioning phone problem could be a free replacement if you are under a warranty. The company may be willing to adjust your pricing if they are working on the towers in your area, and that is causing the problem. If not, they may be able to provide you with a signal enhancement device. Switching to an unknown carrier is not the best solution because that carrier may have some of the same issues that the one you left had.

Pricing Issues and Better Deals

Another common reason that people leave their mobile phone carriers is that they see a better deal ahead. Many consumers have broken up with their carriers because of competition bribery. Such people may have already been unhappy with an aspect of the pricing or some other aspect of the service. If you are unhappy with the pricing, you may want to contact your carrier’s customer service team and forge your complaint. You may find that the carrier has some plans in its back pocket that it doesn’t advertise to the masses, or you may find that the retention team is willing to provide you with an incentive to keep you from leaving.

Poor Customer Service or Uncomprehensible Agents

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is to contact customer service and have to speak to a computer or someone that you do not understand. Resolving issues as quickly as possible is important to all customers, and such cannot be done if the customers can’t communicate with a service team. This issue may take a while to resolve, but you can still try to do so by speaking to someone about your concerns. If your provider allows consumers to send their suggestion in, then you may want to take the time to send yours.

Poor Phone Selection or New Phone

Maybe a new phone came out and your provider doesn’t carry it. Perhaps you just feel as though your carrier has a generally poor selection. What you can do is speak to a sales specialist about your needs and desires when it comes to cell phones. The salesperson may be able to find something that the company does offer that matches your needs. The salesperson may even introduce a model to you that you never thought would interest you.

Weak Features or Lack of Desired Features

Features are another reason that some people leave their carriers. Examples of desirable features that may cause a person to leave one carrier for another are mobile hotspot, international text messaging, music and more. The features may be so important to a person that the person is willing to switch carriers. You could speak to someone if you feel that way about some features. Perhaps your carrier will incorporate those features soon.

Don’t ever just quit with one carrier without trying to resolve the situation. Your carrier most likely does appreciate your business and may be willing to compromise with you to retain it.